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What do people think about Taptonholme Care Home in Sheffield?

Thank you for all being so kind and caring for our nan, it really made all the difference to us knowing she was well cared for especially as we were so far away. Nan seemed very happy and very fond of all the staff and happy with her fellow residents. Thank you again.
To all the staff, just a note to say we really appreciate all of your care and attention in looking after our nan. It was comforting to know that she was very happy and settled at Taptonholme as none of us live in Sheffield. Best wishes.

Dear Karen,

I am writing to thank you and all the staff at Taptonholme for everything you have done for my mother Freda, over the past two years. We were told how good Taptonholme was and about the very high standard of care, that's why we were so glad my mother was able to come and live with you.

In all the time since she first came we have found the staff to be exceptionally caring and committed as well as professional. In what was a difficult time for me personally I am grateful for the comfort of knowing she was in good hands.

As we go through the sad experience of saying goodbye to her it is a real consolation to me to know how lovingly she was cared for by everyone at Taptonholme. Thank you again, best wishes.

To all the staff at Taptonholme, we just wanted to thank all of you for the fantastic care and patience you have given my Mum over the three years she was with you. Particularly during the last few weeks when the love and care you all gave was exceptional. I know because of her dementia and speech problems she couldn't make herself understood very well, but you all managed to interpret her needs when and wherever necessary.

We believe we couldn't have found anywhere better for her during this time. You all make the home as nice a place as possible for people when they have to give up their homes and independence, which is difficult for everyone concerned.

Also we would like to thank the other residents for their care and compassion towards Mum. Last but not least we cannot thank Angela enough who Mum thought the world of and who cared for her in such a special way. Once again thank you all for what you have done.

To all the lovely staff at Taptonholme, many thanks for looking after Graham & Marjorie over the last 2 years. Marjorie had previously tried 5 other homes in Sheffield but could find none to compare with Taptonholme.

They were both very happy and you all made their final period calm and comfortable. Once again thank you.

Dear Karen,

I promised I would write formally to you to thank you and your staff for the care which you provided to my father during his time with you. For someone who vowed never to go near a home to be so comfortable is an outstanding achievement on your part. His last few months were as comfortable as they could have been - we always has the impression that nothing was too much trouble.

The family appreciated seeing four of the staff at the funeral service - we felt it was a simple but effective service and what he would have wanted.

Jacquie and I mentioned last time we met that we would like to help the home in some way so please do let me know. Best wishes.

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