Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Taptonholme – Privacy Notice – Residents and Customers

Taptonholme is committed to ensuring your privacy is protected in accordance with Data Protection Standards

Taptonholme is using the following definition for personal data:

Personal data:

  • Information relating to identifiable individuals, such as job applicants, current and former employees, agency, clients and suppliers
  • Personal data we gather may include: individuals contact details, educational background, financial worthiness and pay details, details of certificates and diplomas, education and skills, job title, CV.

Sensitive Personal data:

  • Personal data about an individual’s racial or ethnic origin, marital status, nationality, religious or similar beliefs, physical or mental health condition, criminal offences or related proceedings. Any use of sensitive personal data will only be carried out with the express permission of the individual.

Taptonholme may change this policy from time to time. This policy is effective from 1st May 2018.

What this Privacy Notice relates to:

This notice relates to our client assessment, engagement and ongoing care and support services.

Who are we?

Taptonholme Care Home, 14 Taptontonville Crescent, Sheffield S10 5BP
Charity Number: 515698

Contact us:

Web address:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0114 266 3440

What Personal Data are we collecting?

To ensure we can process an application for care and support with us we will be processing the following information:

  • Full name, address and contact details of next of kin
  • Your capacity to make decisions and/or whether we need to liaise with the person you have entrusted with power of attorney
  • Any specific medical conditions that may affect our staff, other residents and our ability to care for you
  • Any specific health issues that you may be required to disclose, depending on the nature of the care we will be providing for you
  • Details relating to the methods through which your care is being funded. If you are funding your care, then we will take payment through standing order. If your care is being funded, then we will deal with the rganisation funding this, or any other party you have nominated or agreed to fund your care
  • We will record details of medication you require in order that we can administer this and to record any specific medical care needs you may have
  • If you wish us to, we will record other information such as religion to ensure we can meet any of your requests for religious practice or visits

Are we likely to need any sensitive data?

Sensitive data will be required so that the care needs of individuals can be provided. It will also be required in order to ensure the safety of the staff and other residents. We need to understand aspects of all your care needs such as medical, physical, psychological and mental wellbeing.

In some cases we will also ask about communicable diseases or other conditions that may put you, members of staff and other residents at risk.

In the event that you are unwell this information will be passed onto medical professionals such as ambulance crew, GP and hospital services.

Why we need this information:

  • To fulfil our contract to you. Providing and adapting your care and services as your needs change
  • In medical situations. To ensure we have the necessary medical information about you to pass on to medical professionals in the event you are incapacitated
  • To comply with regulations and standards such as those regulated and inspected by the Care Quality Commission If you are next of kin or power of attorney, then your details are required to ensure we can get the necessary authority in respect of the care we are providing to the person
    under your authority. You must also supply a copy of the signed power of attorney authority

What it the legal basis of processing?

We will only ask for information relevant to the service we are providing in order to provide those services to you, comply with your wishes or to protect life. Further processing will only be carried out where it is appropriate or where we are legally obliged to as part of our compliance requirements.

Legal basis Explanation Examples
Contractual obligation When we have a contract with you to provide care and support Providing residential care
Administering your medication
Legal obligation Taptonholme has a legal obligation to comply with current law, compliance requirements, court order etc Providing funding authorities with information we are providing for you

To comply with the Health & Social Care Act and the Care Quality Commission standards

Where we are required to be able to demonstrate skills and competences of our staff to comply with legal requirements

Vital Interest Where the collection or sharing of information is in the vital interest of you or other members of the public, including staff and other residents Obtaining your next of kin details

Sharing appropriate identity/information with a medical provider (ambulance crew, doctor, hospital etc) in the event you are taken ill

Where your condition may present a threat to the interests, rights and freedom of other people for example if you have a communicable disease and we believe yourcondition may present a risk to others

Consent Where the processing or sharing of your information is based on you explicitly consenting to the sharing of such information Sharing your information with a religious representative

Sharing your information with a third party for example chiropodist or hairdresser

Using your imagery for social media, website or other marketing material

How do I withdraw consent or change my preferences?

You can object to us processing your data at any time by informing one of the carers or speaking with the manager.

You need to be aware that in some cases, objecting to the processes or sharing of your information may result in services being withdrawn or us being unable to comply with the law or our contract with you. You will be informed of how we can or cannot comply with your request when/if you were to make such a request.

What decisions are going to be made using my personal data?

The main decision relating to your personal data is whether we can initially or during your stay with us, continue to provide the care you require and whether your stay is short term or long term.

It may be necessary for us to obtain alternative authority such as a member of your family with power of attorney, if you become unable to make certain decisions yourself. In this event we will continue theses a assessments involving those individuals and yourself

Information will be shared with the following third parties:

Organisation Activity undertaken Personal data shared
Funding assessors such as local authorities or the CCG Processing your funded / part funded payments Identity information and details of care requirements
Pharmacy services Obtaining your medication Identity information, health and prescription requirements
GP, Locum, Health Care Professionals, Dentist As required medical requirements Identity information and details of your condition
Social Services / Mental Health teams / other NHS employees Health (before, during or after your care) Your identity details, details of care requirements or changing needs, concerns or issues with regards to your safety including Safeguarding
Your family or someone with power of attorney Introduction and on-going care needs They may provide your identity details or details of your care requirements. We will only share your details or requirements with those you have authorised or requested us to or those with the relevant power or attorney for finance or health and welfare
Emergency services Protection of life or the wellbeing of others such as fire or medical emergency Limited information relating to the situation. In the event of a fire we will share the names, ages and conditions of those requiring evacuation. In the event of a medical emergency we will share relevant information relating to your care needs such as care needs, medication and conditions
Accident Reporting System We are required to record any accidents or incidents relating to those in out care Your opersonal details and the details of the accident or incident that has occurred as well as the location, date and time. This will be recorded on paper accident forms and filed in the main office
Miscellaneous providers Religious, personal grooming, third party activities With your consent or at your request we will chare relevant information to other parties

All companies / organisations above must comply with our privacy policy or have appropriate security measures in place in order to comply with the requirements under data protection and GDPR legislation.

From time to time we may seek your consent to share information with other third parties not included in the above list. In this instance we will seek your explicit consent and detail what information will be shared.

What safeguards are in place to protect my personal data?

We will not change the use of your personal data in respect of this policy or share your data with a third party (other than those outlined above) without informing you or obtaining your consent where possible unless it is for your legitimate interests, rights and freedoms.

Retention period

Please see out retention policy for details of our retention periods. Due to the nature of the service we provide and our requirement to adhere to government retention guidelines these may change over time.

I you do not wish us to retain your data, then you have the right to be forgotten and we will, at your request, destroy your data where we can legally do so and/or where we do not ahve a legitimate interest to retain such information such as accidents or incidents that you may have had during your time with us.

If your data is required for statistical analysis, then your personal data will be anonymous to ensure that it is no longer personally identifiable.


Before we use your data we have already considered the potential impact upon you were your data to be lost, stolen, shared or compromised.
Where at all possible we encrypt all information that is either stored or transmitted to third parties.

Whilst we undertake all reasonable precautions and encryptions we cannot guarantee the safety of data transmitted over the internet.