Review from Mike C (Son of Resident)

I was very pleased to find Taptonholme as a place for my mother to live when she got to the stage where she was unable to live independently in her own home. The staff are extremely caring and are always happy to help and go the extra mile. Whenever we visit, we are always warmly welcomed and an offer of tea and biscuits is often supplied.

Communications from the management team are very good with regular updates about the activities mum has been involved with, and her health, along with a photograph. This is particularly helpful as Mum has Altzheimers and can not remember the activities she has done when we visit.

There is a lovely garden at the front of the building where residents can sit during good weather, and this has been particularly useful for visiting during the Covid19 issue.

The house is always very clean and tidy when we visit.


4 September 2020

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